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CPE Scholarship Program

Chaplaincy Scholarship Awards


  1. The Committee has indicated its willingness to participate.


  1. The standards for making the Awards:


    1. The individual will be in “good standing” as an ELCA Pastor, Associate in Ministry, or Diaconal Minister.


    1. One quarter of CPE training


    1. Recommend three years experience in Parish Ministry


    1. Endorsed for Specialized Pastoral Care by the ELCA (meet with area committee of the ELCA)


    1. Have an “Iowa Connection” and be willing to serve as a chaplain in Iowa following training as positions are available.  Recipients not limited to serving in Iowa only.


    1. Be recommended by his/her Bishop and approved by a CPE center for training


    1. Scholarship awards for one year:  $5,000 to $8,000 for one year of CPE training


    1. Face to face interview with LCO Scholarship Committee